Hotel rooms and food international terminology

Accommodation Types:

SGL – Single room;
DBL – Double room; Double room with one double bed;
TWIN – Double room with 2 separate beds;
TRIPL – Triple room;
EXB (extra bed) – Extra bed
CHD – Children, usually under the age of 12
INF – A small child up to two years;

Hotel Rooms:

STD – Standard room;
APARTMENT – 2 bedroom apartments;
BG (bungalow) – Separate building; Cottage;
Family Room – Family room, larger than standard;
HV (Holiday Village) The hotel, which consists of bungalows
MB – The Main building;
Suite – Comfortable room, with resting place;
Deluxe – High-class hotel (with private services);

The view from the hotel room:

BV (Beach view) – Sea (to the beach) view
GV (Garden view) – Garden view
LV (Land view) – Outdoor view
SV (Sea view) – Sea view
MV (Mountain view) – Mountain View
ROH (Run of the house) – Without specifying the room view


RO – Without meal
BB – Breakfast
HB – Two meals a day (morning and evening)
FB – Three meals a day
All Inc – Meals throughout the day + local production of beverages (system - "all inclusive")
Ultra All Inc – All Inc – System "all inclusive" + imported drinks
Continental breakfast – Light breakfast (tea, coffee or juice, butter, jam, bread)
English breakfast – Full breakfast (eggs or omelette + sausage, toasts)
A-la carte – Menu, where every dish set has a price
Brunch – Meal between breakfast and lunch
Hotel Garner – Hotel without restaurant (without breakfast)

What to bring on tour:

  • Comfortable sports shoes or waterproof booties
  • Raincoat
  • Warm sweater (in the mountains can be cold even in summer)
  • Hat, sunglasses
  • Sunscreen Cream
  • Insect protection cream

Personal equipment for campaigns

During a tour of medium difficulty in summer, tourists must to wear lightly and conveniently. Clothes should not be either wide or narrow. Recommended elastic clothes, jeans or pants made of thick fabric. Inadmissible flannel and flannelette pants because they need a long time to dry and becomes heavy during the soaking. Pants should give an opportunity to make wide step.

For campaigns we usually use tall boots, but if you are planning a one-day, relatively easy tour, in this case will be more actual to wear sneakers. Inadmissible to wear new shoes. If the trip will lasts more than two days, you should bring second pair of shoes for replace.

The backpack should be waterproof and lightweight. It must be durable and comfortable.
It will be good, if the backside will be batting, so that heavy weight will not hurt your back.
You also need to check the belts, which is desirable to be soft and wide. There is a rule of folding backpack, according which the heavy objects need to put down, and light objects put on the top.